Display calibration is critical to maintaining color consistency. 

The three displays in the retouching room need to be calibrated weekly. Giles and the other displays can be calibrated monthly.


Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 8.51.04 AM.png


We have to identical calibrators. These devices are located on the shelve in the Retouching Room in a clear bin. You will want to take both of them out as you can have both running on different computers at the same time.

We use the X-Rite Color Munki Display Calibrator by Pantone. Included a few links below for additional information about the product.

Links to original receipts for calibrators in case there are issues:
053013 purchased on Amazon
123017 purchased on Xrite's website, distributed thru The Mac Group


Step 1


  •  Go to System Preferences at the bottom of the screen


Step 2



  • Go to Displays


Step 3


  • From the Display
  1. Select Options
  2. Click on the Lock button
  3. Enter the Password "Mars"
  4. Click Modify Settings


Step 4

  • Uncheck the box (please note you will recheck this box at the end)


Step 5

Step 5

  • Take the Calibrator out of the box and rotate it so the lens is facing outwards. The lens (left image), should be facing the screen.




Step 6


  • Tilt the monitor to make sure the Calibrator sits against the screen


  • Plug the Calibrator into the USB port on the back of the monitor


  • Rest the Calibrator in the middle of the screen (make sure it's flat against the screen)


Step 7


  • Go to Finder at the bottom of the screen


Step 8



  1. Go to Applications
  2. Go to ColorMunki Display


Step 9



  • Go to Profile My Display

STEP 10:

Step 10


1. Go to Advanced" in the dropdown
2. Select "D65" in the dropdown menu
3. Select "120" in the dropdown menu
4. Click "Next"

***** If there is a projector or a computer with more than one display attached, make sure to select the screen that you will be calibrating and then click "Next".  You will then be taken to the Advanced dropdown option*****

STEP 11:

Step 11




  • Make sure nothing is checked and click Next

STEP 12: 

Step 12




  • Drag the Color Munki window so that the Calibrator fits inside the yellow outline (the directions are also on this window)
  • Click Next

STEP 13:

Step 13  with white background

Step 13 with black background


  • The monitor is going to start calibrating, there will be a white background. This will take a minute or two
  • A black background will then appear  and the Next button will no longer be greyed out 
  •  Click Next

STEP 14:

Step 14


  • The Brightness Adjustment will begin and the background will go through a series of colors

STEP 15:

Step 15

Step 15


  • The Brightness Adjustment will need to be adjusted if the orange bar is not in the middle.  
  • To adjust the brightness you can either:
    • Hold FN + F1 if the brightness should decrease or hold FN + F2 if it should increase
    • Use the brightness buttons on the right side of the display
    • If the adjustment will still not adjust to the middle bar, go to System Preferences => Display and then adjust the Brightness Slider
  • When the orange bar is in the middle with a check next to it, click Next

STEP 16:

Step 16



  • The Contrast Adjustment will take place and then click Next once it's balanced (the check will appear)

STEP 17:

Step 17


  • The calibration will take about 5 minutes and you will not be able to do anything else on the computer. Go work on another project while this display is calibrating.

STEP 18:

Step 18


  • The before and after for the color adjustment will appear
  • Click Finish

STEP 19:

Step 19




  • Save the file as: Size of monitor_the date_D65.icc
  • Set reminders for Weekly
  • Click Finish

STEP 20:

Step 20


  • Make sure to Re-check the box to disable the brightness buttons


  • Refer to Steps 1-4 for how to do this 

STEP 21:

Step 21


  • There's a schedule hanging in the retouching room above the computer, Phil. Hand write it in and add it to the Calibration Schedule which is located on Shared Files —> How To Database —> How To Retouching —> How to Calibrate —> Calin
  • Make sure to fill out the schedule with the date you calibrated the monitor and your initials.