HOW TO - ProSelect Basics

The answers to all of the ProSelect Questions are in Dropbox —> ProSelect —> Manuals —> ProSelect_Manual.pdf

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Drag the Client Proofing folder to the ProSelect icon in the doc at the bottom of your screen. This will load the images into into ProSelect. By default ProSelect will load your images to the middle face icon. You should see the images in the catalog.

Next you want to name your catalog. Name the catalog "Client Last Name + MMDDYY. Example:"McDermott 114118". Save the file in the client folder named "Client Last Name ProSelect"

Then go to the top of the screen and choose Orders —> Client Setup. Enter the client details and information .

On the line that reads “first name”, enter the clients first and last name. On the line that reads “last name” Type “[Digital]”, for this order. In general, you would type the order type in that section, with a bracket on either side. In this case you only need one order type. If you were to have an order with for example both frames and a digital package, you would make an additional group and in the brackets you would again type the order description.

These description items are typically one of the following: [Digital], [Prints], [Frames], [Husar Frame], [Album], [Holiday Card], [Gallery Wrap]. The quick way to add additional order types, and not have to re-enter all of the client info, is to make your first one, then choose “Add New Album From Client” and then choose “Copy From” and choose the original digital album. Then ProSelect copy all the info and makes an additional entry. Simply change the name of the order type and click “Close“.

Choose the middle face icon on the left side of the program. Then type “Command F”, this will bring up the "Find" dialog box. Enter the last four digitals of the file number you want to select to put in the cart. When the image appears, select the images and press "1" to move it to the smiley face. (We move all of the favorites to the smiley face icon before moving them into the cart. Repeat this process for each of the images you are trying to locate. Again, when you find the images you are looking for select it and press "1". If you make a mistake you can press "2" to move the images back to the middle folder. You can also use the mouse to drag the image to the smiley face.

Once the images are in the smiley face section, now you are ready to move them to their final destination, the shopping cart.

For a digital order. Select all of the images you wish to make digital files of and drag them to the shopping cart.

Then choose the option for High Resolution Digital Image by clicking on the bar. Enter the correct price* and click "Quick Add". These items have been added to the cart.

*More info about pricing to come.



ProSelect allows you to print your order many ways.

-With or without prices
-With or without notes
-With our without payments
-As a single order
-As a combined order with rates
-As a combined order without rates
-And probably a few other ways...