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Styling & Clothing

Please bring as many clothing options and accessories as possible. Choose clothing pieces that represent every season, including outerwear, sweaters, long sleeves, short sleeves, denim, pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, etc. Bring pieces that are casual, sporty, outdoorsy, editorial, trendy, classic...and don't forget lots of shoes to pair with all your great pieces. 

A Full Comp Card session requires a lot of options! We will be creating different outfits with your wardrobe pieces. You cannot bring too many things--it just gives us more to choose from! A Mini Comp Card session will feature less wardrobe changes, so while you don't need to bring as much clothing as you would for a full comp card, it is very helpful to bring plenty of options to give our stylists more to work with.

Choose clothing that is poppy, vibrant and fun. The most complimentary colors on every complexion are jewel tones. Picture the colors of gemstones. These colors are deep, rich and intense. A fire engine red shirt becomes distracting in a photo. Instead, opt for dark ruby red, garnet or burgundy. These shades are more flattering on you and in the image itself. Think eggplant, rust, teal, magenta, deep sea green, sapphire blue and olive. Make sure to bring a variety of colors in your wardrobe.

Mix deep jewel tones with good neutrals. Of course, we don’t want to be dressed head-to-toe in jewel tones, so we need to mix and match these colors with “good neutrals” like dark denim, charcoal gray, chocolate brown, army green, etc.

Avoid nudes and light colors close to the face. No taupes, beiges, light grays or pastels near your face. Pale colors wash us out. If you’re deciding between a light neutral and a darker option (light or dark khaki, for example) select the darker one. It will have more substance.

Please avoid wearing solid black and white. They photograph poorly and lose their detail and dimension in the final image.

Select pieces that are playful and full of texture. Textured fabrics photograph beautifully! Denim, cable knits, corduroy, linen and wool are excellent choices. The same is true for embroidery, ruffles, sweaters, ribbing and ruching. Texture breathes life into fabric; you can feel it in the photograph.

Bring pieces to layer to add visual interest to your photos. Vests, shrugs, blazers and sweaters make wonderful layering pieces. Also consider an accessory, such as a chunky knit scarf, a busy necktie, a swanky pair of boots, a thick belt or an interesting necklace. Don't forget to bring multiple pairs of shoes to coordinate with many styles.

Your child should be clean and fresh on the day of the shoot. Please use lotion and lip balm to keep their skin moisturized prior to the session. Nails should be groomed and clipped. Make sure any temporary tattoos are removed.