Styling & Clothing

In general you want to choose colors that “pop”. You want to create layers in your looks, using textures when possible as well. Whites and blacks should be used minimally. Grays, darker tans and navys are great neutral colors. Bring clothing from all seasons. In other words, outerwear, long sleeves, short sleeves, denim (indigo/darker is better), pants shorts, dresses, skirts, cordoroys, blazers, jackets, pants, sweaters, t-shirts, etc. Bring pieces that are casual, sporty, outdoorsy, editorial, trendy, classic...and don't forget lots of shoes to pair with all your great pieces. Hats and scarves, bows, headbands are great accessories.

A Full Comp Card session requires a lot of options! We will be creating different outfits with your wardrobe pieces. You cannot bring too many things--it just gives us more to choose from! A Mini Comp Card session will feature less wardrobe changes, so while you don't need to bring as much clothing as you would for a full comp card, it is very helpful to bring plenty of options to give our stylists more to work with.

Bring pieces to layer to add visual interest to your photos. Vests, shrugs, blazers and sweaters make wonderful layering pieces. Also consider an accessory, such as a scarf, a busy necktie, a swanky pair of boots, a thick belt or an chunky necklace. Don't forget to bring multiple pairs of shoes to coordinate with many styles.

If you are doing a head shot, please bring a variety of tops with varied necklines. No need to worry about what your pants look like. Choose colors that "pop" or choose a color that flatters your skin tone. Bring some neutral colored tops as well, charcoal gray, navy blue are great choices. Layering is a great idea. A blazer with a nice collared shirt can work well. Sometimes its a simple as a fitted t-shirt.