Expect to have fun!
Expect amazing images!
Expect to have beautiful art for your home!

Please bring a happy, upbeat attitude! The best images come from happy subjects. 

If you have your child/children with you at a shoot or the shoot involves your child, please make sure that they are in the best of spirits! Schedule the shoot for a time that will allow for an exciting, optimistic environment and  ensure a productive shoot for the most beautiful images that we have to offer. 

Expect a comfortable environment where you can feel free to explain what you are looking for and what you would like the outcome of the shoot to be. We wish to provide images and memories that will last a lifetime.

Expect to be welcomed into a professional space, where we aim to exceed your expectations and to deliver the best of work to you.


Choosing the right clothing for your session can be easy. The following tips should help your inner-stylist come out :)


Choose clothing that is playful and full of texture. Textured fabrics photograph beautifully — denim, sweaters, corduroy, linen and eyelet dresses are excellent choices.  Some more ideas may include ruffles, ribbing, buttons, and patterns.


Layering is the best way to create interesting images. Layer clothing for a fun look with jackets, collars, button downs, etc.


Use accessories to jazz up an outfit. By using hats, scarves, hair pieces, bags, a chunky scarf, a busy necktie, a swanky pair of boots, a thick belt or an interesting necklace (chunky jewelry is preferred), an image will instantly become more unique and interesting.  We can remove, adjust, and add elements to an outfit to create a variety of styles.


Rich, saturated colors photograph very well. Deep purple, sapphire blue, turquoise, red and emerald green are great choices. Pair these jewel tones with neutrals like gray, navy, brown, tan, beige. Dark denim can act as a neutral and photographs beautifully.

Bright, intense colors that are rich in tone are also great choices. Try paring these colors with textured clothing, and create a dynamic look.

Pastels such as light pink, powder blue or light yellow are not suggested. Black and white should be used sparingly, as they generally do not photograph well. Avoid these colors in your accessories as well.

If you have a light complexion, avoid taupes, nudes and pale colors close to your face. They opposite can be said if you have a dark complexion, avoid dark colors close to your face.


First and foremost, have fun with your style! 

If you need some tips, you can choose something "classic" like a denim bottom and long-sleeved top. Clothing that is classic in style can really create a timeless look.

Stay away from clothing that would be considered "formal attire" or the image can look too "buttoned up" and unnatural. At the other end of the spectrum, be selective with T-shirts and polo shirts; try pairing them with dark denim or adding layers to keep the outfit visually interesting.

Wear nice shoes, as they will sometimes end up in your shots.


Choose clothing that is fitted to your current size. Clothing that fits loosely can look sloppy. Make sure to try on your outfit prior to the day of the shoot to ensure proper sizing.


Depending on your specific shoot type, the desired clothing will vary. Here are some additional clothing tips for each of the shoot categories.


When choosing clothing, select pieces that are professional and reflect the image you would like to convey. Colors that work well are deep, saturated colors such as eggplant, teal, magenta, etc. Pair these with neutrals like charcoal gray, navy or brown. Layers photograph well and add some depth and interest to your headshot, so a blouse or cami under a jacket is nice. It is a great idea to have your hair blown out or styled before your session. You may want to bring a more casual option, as well, for use on LinkedIn, social media, etc. It's always a good idea to have multiple images for different purposes.


When choosing clothing for the entire family, try choosing a similar style and then slightly vary the textures and colors. Coordinate the family's look just as you would the pieces of your own outfit. That way, each individual looks different and fun while still fitting together for one image. With larger families, you may want to begin by selecting a color palette for so that everyone is dressed in the same color scheme. For example, you can choose an autumn color palette and family members can incorporate browns, olive, rust, eggplant and navy; or you can pick blues, greens and pinks with denim and khakis; or go for plums, beige and gray. If everyone has a little bit of the selected color palette in their outfit, the overall composition will fit together nicely.  View examples of what to wear for a Family shoot.


For these sessions the preparation is simple. The importance of these photos is to capture the essence of your child: that they are perfect just the way they are. A textured blanket or a knit cap are all you will need. If you would like to dress your baby in clothes, have them wear clothing that fits well. Loose clothing will bunch up and appear uncomfortable in photos. Parents should be prepared to be in photos as well, even if it is just in a supporting role holding your baby. A simple fitted top and jeans is perfect. When choosing the colors of your ensembles, coordinate with each other. Choose deep, saturated colors and try to avoid solid black, white and pastels. A manicure is always a good idea. Many images will have your hands cradling your little one.


Keep it casual and fun. Prior to the session make sure your child has eaten and napped so that they will be in the best of spirits. Leave the formal attire at home; kids smile the most when they are comfortable. When choosing clothing, pick pieces that are playful and full of texture.  Textured fabrics photograph beautifully: denim, cable knits, sweaters, linen and eyelet dresses have great textures and are excellent choices. You can also layer clothing for a fun look or choose accessories and hats to add a finishing touch to an outfit. Make sure that everyone is in clothes that are fitted to their current size.  When clothing is too loose it looks baggy and sloppy in an image, so make sure everyone tries on their ensemble before the day of the shoot to ensure proper sizing. Solids and clothing that is classic in style can create a timeless look. Try layering solids with patterns or textured clothing to create dynamic images. Choose bold colors and pair them with neutrals like denim, brown, army green, navy or gray instead of white or black.  Stay away from T-shirts and polo shirts; instead, choose clothing that has detailing and texture like embroidery, ruffles, ribbing, v-necks, buttons and patterns.  View examples of what to wear for a Kids shoot.


These sessions are all about the drama. The contrast of your soft skin and pregnant form against a stark background emphasizes the beauty of this exciting time! A little bit of preparation can make your images even more amazing. Prior to your session spend time every day moisturizing your skin. Your hands will be in the majority of the images, so please remove chipped nail polish and have your nails well-manicured. Change into loose fitting clothing at least an hour before the session to prevent any lines or creases from appearing on your skin. A few staple clothing items are all you need. Please bring a few different shirts to choose from, including tank tops and camis. Select camis with a built-in bra for extra support or bring along a strapless bra. Form-fitting clothing works best to show off your shape. Clothing with texture photographs beautifully so ribbing, embroidery, and other textures are all great options. Pashminas and scarves are lovely accessories and can be used to cover up while exposing your tummy. Finally, bring a pair of non-maternity jeans. These should fit you in the leg and do not need to zip or button close. If your regular jeans don't fit, bring a pair of "under the belly" maternity jeans or pants. Select jeans with a dark indigo wash (avoid pairs that are heavily distressed, sandblasted or stonewashed). View examples of what to wear for a Pregnancy shoot.