-Sunday, November 11, 2018 TIME TBD I Cecile & Martin's 20th Wedding Anniversary I Botanic Gardens in Glencoe, IL
-Saturday, April 4, 2020 I Cooper Bar Mitzvah in Boston, MA


03/17/17 Shoot I Jordyn's Bat Mitzvah
- Need to do ordering session. Possibly when your in town in November 10-12th with Jordyn .Online Gallery made, printouts made. Cecile & Jordyn to choose favorites for album

11/07/17 Shoot I Annual Holiday Card Shoot
- Need to do ordering session

01/11/16 Shoot I Placed most of order. 
- Loose prints (3 ordered, but there are more favorites, we need to determine sizes). Click here.

11/06/15 Shoot & 2016 Order I Complete and ready to go at the studio. Need to bill for shipping when sent.




08/14/18 Payment of $2053.00 for the November 2017 Shoot, the tabletop frame, color frame from the 2016 shoot with four images and the holiday cards from 2017.

05/02/18 Payment of $1971.32 for frame portion of 2015 order. Shipping has not been accounted for yet, and we will wait until 090318 to check back in about shipping all frames and prints together.

06/04/18 Payment of $2,589.26 for print portion of 2015 and 2016 orders and all 2016 frames (except the frame with 4 prints of all 3 kids together).  Shipping has not been accounted for yet.

We will wait to reach out about next payment until August 1st, 2018, as you are moving.

2015 & 2016 SHOOTS

We did the ordering session for 2015 and 2016 shoots when you we're in Chicago back in May 2017.

I apologize that I have not finalized until now, they were 95% complete, and I dropped the ball. Let me know if you want to make any changes to either order.

For both orders I made all of the loose prints 5x7 which could be kind of repetitive, so let me know if you want to mix up the sizes a bit more. 

I looked up the last bunch of years frames for the kids black and white individual frames and made sure to choose sizes that are not too repetitive.

For the 2016 order there were images that were favorites, that we didn't do anything with. Check to make sure that you can live without them, otherwise we can add them as loose prints. I have made a link below to those images.

Click here to see 2015 order. 
Click here to see 2016 order.
Click here to see 2016 favorites that were not part of the order.




UPDATE: Click here to see tabletop frame order (print from 2017). Need to add shipping to order, holding on adding until we know if you would like to ship with the other 6 frames from 2015 order. Will be more cost effective to ship this way.

I know you would like a print of all three kids, in another size that is not close to 8x10. I looked up our last three sizes: 8.5x11 for 2016, 8x10 for 2015, and 9.5x11.5 for 2014. So I will find something either on the smaller or larger size. Let me see what random size frames we have right now that are not standard sizes.

We still need to do an ordering session for the November 2017 shoot, we can wait until October 2018 when you are in town if that is easiest? Or will you be back to Chicago between now and then?




Jordyn's Bat Mitzvah. We will send printed proofs to you in the next few weeks. After you take a look at the printed proofs, let me know when you want to work on these. Also, I have just completed a bat mitzvah album. I'm hoping I have time to photograph it before my client picks it up. I'm sure you would like to see it to get some ideas.



Please don't be too annoyed with me!

I have invoices that I have not billed you for yet. You do not need to pay these all at once, you can spread them out for as long as you like. It is totally my fault for not getting these to you in a more timely manner. We were so busy around the holidays, that we are just now finally almost finished with our billing. As far as Jordyn's Bat Mitzvah, yikes, I don't know how I let that go so long without ever finalizing.

I have listed links to the invoices below, just click on them to see pdfs.  We can put your card on file and have it set up to bill monthly, if you would like to break up the total and spread it out. Just let me know. 

Jordyn's Bat Mitzvah Session/Travel Invoice
November 2017 Session/Travel Invoice
Holiday Cards